Here's a list of everyone who's contributed to the Bergsburg Project over the years, along with email addresses in case you wish to contact any of them. Without their hard work and enthusiastic contributions, there wouldn't be a Bergsburg Project. A special thanks goes to Roderic whose server is hosting this site.

Current Council Members

Name Email
Simon Beckford
Joe Coltman
Arne Dam
Clive Oldfield
Luke Twigger

Past Council Members

Name Email
Chris Clements
Rick Davis
Bob Goodnuff
Ralph Kruhm
Simon Tams


Name Email
John Bailey
Thomas Bloom
Steven Forster
Aleksander Grocz
Chris Holden
Edgar Hulton
Peter Johnston
Andrew Kenrick
Morten Krog
Aleksander Ljubenoviæ
Peter Long
M D Mann
Lee Montgomery
Alfred Nunez Jr.
Dave Reed
Leif Ulrich Schrader
Borja Sierra
John Stephenson
Pete Thackeray
Stewart N Thorpe

Other Assistance

Name Email
Andreas Blicher
Roderic d'Arcon
John Foody and Warpstone
Graeme Gregory
Kevin Hall
Pelle B. Sørensen
Christian Vejlø
Toby Wallis

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