The Great Mitterfruhl Egg Hunt

Every Mitterfruhl, to celebrate the new fertility of the land, the children of Bergsburg (and everywhere else in the Empire) play hunt the Mitterfruhl eggs. They are guided in their quest by the Great White Rabbit, or more usually one of their parents painted with flour and with some big ears glued to the side of their head. The Great White Rabbit gives the children clues about where the eggs can be found.

The Great White Rabbit in Bergsburg this year, is the genuine Great White Rabbit of legend (and not some grown up pretending to be it, honest). The rabbit can be found down in Grossplatz, opposite Roland's Bridge, waiting to give the first clue in the Bergsburg v2 Mitterfruhl Egg Hunt.

Follow the clues well, and you will find the lucky Golden Egg that can bring fame and fortune in the coming year.

Good luck.

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