• Changed depcricated split function
  • Redoing code to bring this up to PHP 5 spec.
  • Bug in die roller, rogue "what_to_add" was not initialized and added.


  • Skaven still need fixing
  • Star Sign up dates with more // marks when updates appear.
  • Kislev career dropdown is not working when a tribe is selected.

    A big thanks to Aethril over at http://warhammer2.tharaud.net/ for the form setting for picking advanced careers. When I change to a hosting provider, the new provider did not use sessions. Aethril already converted the program, so it worked on his site (also, sessions did not work correctly). Thanks again.

    Todo list/Bugs:
    TypeItem to be fixedDateStatus
    WISHLISTAllow starting XP to be entered and generate the pc (Philip Sibbering) 09Apr05
    WISHLISTAllow npc to pick advanced career (Witch Hunter) 09Apr05
    FEATURE REQUESTRandom race: 1-6: Human 7: Halfling 8: Elf 9: Dwarf
    - Idea from BI forums
    11Apr05On-Hold for Character Pack
    BUG/FRCaculate trappings (2d10 gc should be rolled out) (Motorskills) 12Apr05
    WISHLISTAdd in ability to make it a PC 14Apr05
    How about: Career start, Career Mature, Career Complete (i.e. different experience levels within the same career)
    For further down the line portraits would be great
    The ability to tweak things after generation - especially names you don't like the sound of - would be good.
    WISHLISTLiber Fanatica - Special case of a 10 on Skills and Talents Table 23Apr05
    WISHLISTReplace ANY in skills with valid items 24Apr05
    WISHLISTGroup trappings by type? (Whymme) 25Apr05
    WISHLISTother background info -Birthday, -Parents -spouse -children -social standing -religious beleif's -psychology and health issues (Didz) 25Apr05In Progress 26Apr05
    NewAdd Skaven careers15Sep2006
    NewAdd ToC Chaos careers06Oct2006
    NewAdd ToC Cult careers06Oct2006

    Completed Items
    NewAdded ToC Empire careers06Oct200608Oct2006
    NewAdded ToC Norsca careers06Oct200608Oct2006
    NewAdded Bretonia careers
    NewAdded various PotD careers
    NewAdded Sigmar's Hiers careers
    BUGTalent stats not adding to Printer Friendly/Fate points not quite right (Aaron) 17May05Done 17May2005
    BUGTalent bonuses are not adding to the attributes (Aaron) 13Apr05Done 04May2005
    WISHLISTother background info -Place of Birth -Siblings -StarSign -marks (Didz) 25Apr0503May05
    DATACareer missing: Bailiff (Motorskills)
    Looks like Interrogator is missing also (snotling)
    13Apr05Done 5/1/2005
    SOFTWARECheck all careers and such 01Apr05DONE 5/1/2005
    WISHLISTAdd background information per Liber Fanatica (Whymme) 11Apr05ADDED 23Apr05
    WISHLISTMutli-Language Support (Aethril, Graywolf) 20Apr05ADDED 20Apr05
    BUGDwarf S seems to high (jedimstrggrady) 17Apr05FIXED 17Apr05
    BUGit is not easy to create a new character. 16Apr05FIXED 16Apr05
    WISHLISTChange age to: Young, Middle-Aged, Old (Motoskills) 16Apr05ADDED 16Apr05
    WISHLISTKeep track of used XP (Darthsmeg) 15Apr05ADDED 16Apr05
    BUGIn one case, number of ranks (in W) + attribute bonus is not being added up right (Aaron) 13Apr05FIXED 14Apr05
    BUGReikspel language added twice incorrectly for dwarf (Motorskills) 12Apr05FIXED 13Apr05
    BUGAge does not work correctly (Phillip Sibbering) 11Apr05FIXED 11Apr05
    BUGHair and Eyes are not generated right (Phillip Sibbering) 09Apr05FIXED 09Apr05
    FEATURE REQUESTSpecify a Starting Career 09Apr05COMPLETED 09Apr05