This information is old - it is a mirror of something that we worked on YEARS ago, (early 90s).

Edit : I realized that all the information that was NOT converted to HTML was never linked.
Each page (at least most of them) have a new section at the top called "In Progress". These
are the raw files from the ftp archives. If a link does not work, let me know and I'll fix it.

Welcome brave soul ! This is my version of the Warhammer ftp archive. I am converting them the html format for the fun of it (yes it is takeing me a long time)

You can reach the archives from

The Bestiary and the Race sections are the only things that has been converted to html (Some Careers has also). All others are just the txt files from the archives above.

HTML conversion done by,, and Note: EMAIL address are invalid.

Bestiary - Just your run of the mill Nasties
Careers - More Careers for your PC's
Race - More Races for the PC
Various Net Projects