The Bergsburg Project

A Guide to Site Navigation

First of all, a brief introduction to the site can be found on the Project Info page, which can be reached by clicking on 'Project Info' on the panel at the top of this page.

The rest of the site is designed to be accessible in a number of different ways and we have linked to other pages as much as possible, where relevant.

City Map

Perhaps the most fun way to check the site out is to go to the City Map area by clicking on 'City Map' in the panel at the top of this page. From here, one can access the district files and information on the Castle, the Temple and the various gates, by clicking on the interactive map, or the side menu.

Each district guide has information on the local part of the city. They too have interactive maps, and each district can be explored by clicking on the various locations on each map. One can also navigate from district to district via these maps, though many of the links to neighbouring districts are not depicted on the map. Take into account that not all the submissions in the project can be accessed from these maps.

Bergsburg Indices

The Indices page is the hub of the site, linked to all the other areas. You can reach it by clicking on 'Indices' on the panel at the top of the page.

Here you can find links to the Basic Background of the city. There is a timeline that gives some important events in the history of the city and a calendar that gives some important dates in the year. There are a couple of articles on tax and law and also a page with some random rumours, and notes on the Storm of Chaos.

Submissions Index

We have made a full listing of the project submissions. These can be reached from the 'Indices' page , by clcking on 'Submissions Index.' This will give you a listing of all the contributed submissions in the order they were proposed to the project. A few of them are unfnished and/or postponed, and likely to remain so.

Article Guide

The Article Guide is a listing of many of the submissions by type (eg. all the inns and taverns are grouped together). This list, too, can be accessed from the Indices page.

NPC Directory

The NPC Directory is an alphabetical listing of almost all the NPCs that have been written about in the project, together with a short description and links to all the submissions they appear in.

The indices page also has links to other pages you might want to check out. There is the Submissions Guidelines you should read if you're thinking about contributing to the project. The NPC Open Links page might be useful in giving you some ideas on what to write about.

The rest of the stuff at the bottom of the Indices page should be self-explanatory.

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