Bergsburg Indices

The Bergsburg Indices gives you easy access to the wealth of project material produced so far. The many articles have been divided into two groups: Background Articles and Feature Articles. The former gives you the basic background of Bergsburg including information on history, law, and the word on the street. The latter is the heart of the project; it guides you through the several dozens of articles focusing on individual locations and characters in and around the city, including information on how they relate to eachother. Also, there is an index of virtually all the hundreds of NPCs that have been detailed so far. Finally, we have a set of pages with Project Details, where you can find - amongst other things - the names of those who contributed material and tips on how you can join them.

Bergsburg Background Articles
Basic Background A short summary of the key shaping factors of the city background, including history, culture, government and location.
Storm of Chaos Basic notes on the changes to the city and its role in the Storm of Chaos.
City Map A clickable city map that links to the detailed district descriptions.
Maps View a selection of maps of Bergsburg and the surrounding area. These are available at a range of scales and in different styles.
Timeline A chronological history of important events in and around Bergsburg.
Law See a thorough description of the practice of law in Bergsburg, including the competence of the Common Assize, trial procedures and sentences.
Taxes Information on Imperial taxes, provincial taxes and tax exemptions.
Calendar Information on festivals and other important local dates.
Dummies Guide A basic guide to using and abusing this website.
Rumours Like any city, rumours spread like wildfire. Visit this page for a random sample that changes with every visit! Some are true, some are false, some are both...

Feature Articles & NPC Index
Article Guide All the the completed submissions of the Bergsburg project are only one click away here! For your convenience, we have ordered them by type.
Submissions Index As an alternative to Article Guide, this page lists all completed submissions numerically.
NPC Directory View an A-to-Z listing of almost every NPC described somewhere in the project.

Project Details
Submission Guidelines Feel inpired? See here how to contribute to the project. Remember, the Bergsburg is a joint effort and only lives because of you, the online WFRP community.
Open Links Looking for inspiration for a new submission? Check out all the loose ends and undeveloped threads dangling throughout the project.
Artwork Some submissions consist not only of words, but also pieces of accompanying artwork. View images of all artwork to be found in the Bergsburg project.
Authors The Bergsburg project has attracted a wide range of talented authors and artists from within the online WFRP community. Here's where we say "thank you".
Downloads Various files in easy-to-download zip archives.
Web Links Here's a list of URLs and hyperlinks to people and organisations we believe will enrich your WFRP online experience.
PDFs The printable project.

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