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District guide

Bergsburg can be divided into the nine different districts that appear on the city map. The nine districts are described briefly in the following, while some of them have been given a more thorough description on separate pages.

Bear in mind that this division is purely informal, since the town is administered as one whole. The Interior Guard treats the town as two districts, namely Unterfluss and Uberfluss (respectively east and west of the river) and operate the two districts from barracks in Beilheim and Sudentor. In addition, they man a small watchhouse in Grossplatz during daytime when the market is open.

Uberfluss (west of the river)

Unterfluss (east of the river)

  • Harzel
    Upperclass district. Hochland nobility holds the majority of town houses in this district which is (rightly) considered the most expensive in Bergsburg.

    Locations: Bergsburg Municipal Baths

  • Osttor
    Houses the activities of Bergsburg's merchants and wealthy artisans. The wealthiest typically have separate private homes in Rolandsbrücke across the river, but quite a few have living quarters here in connection with their office and storing buildings. Bergsburg's two banks as well as the gold and jewel smiths also operate here. Thus, it houses a large faction of Bergsburg's dwarf minority, including a chapel to Grungni.

    Locations: Praxis Jewels and Glass Crafters, The Weissfeuer Smithy, Reisen Wool Trading House, Ragnar the Goldsmith, Wertheim & Sohnen Metallurgy

  • Grossplatz
    The commercial heart of Bergsburg. Trade is centered around the big market square, Grossplatz, which gives the district its name. Grossplatz is also the natural traffical centre of the town where Middenweg, Talabheimweg and Bergenweg joins each other.

    Locations: The Hunter's Trophy, Hochland Crossing Coaches, The Rolling Stones Tavern

  • Viehstadt
    Middle class area with lots of commercial activity. The Bergsburg butchers are concentrated in the area just east of Grossplatz and give the Viehstadt its name (meaning cattle town). It is the home of numerous traders and artisans. The well respected physician Bernhard Hardtung has his home and office here.

    Locations: The Innkeepers' Guild, Crystal Clear Glassblower

  • Sudentor
    Lowerclass district in Bergsburg's south east corner. It is not quite as poor as Helmsberg, and its residents have little but harsh words or worse for the beggars from Helmsberg who cross St Skulda's Bridge in the morning and walk through Sudentor on their way to Grossplatz. Many of Bergsburg's labourers live here with their families, including the night man Thomas Herford and Boris Kaiser, who has fallen on hard times lately.

    Locations: Shrine of Ranald

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