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Oberon Klee

SN39 by Clive Oldfield

Contents: Adventure Hooks

"'Oh, stand before me and proclaim your unworthiness of the great lord who resides deep within the being of only those that are worthy, for indeed, they shall be judged most righteous and in time to do his bidding for all that we are about to receive the lord god make them all together now."

Oberon Klee

Sex: Male

M WS BS S T W I A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel
4 37 28 4 3 7 34 1 36 53 37 43 49 56

Skills: Blather, Divination, Magical Sense, Public Speaking, Read & Write, Seer - Visionary, Sixth Sense, Theology.

Alignment: Neutral (Nonsense).

Trappings: Dirty grey cloak, Chain of charms, shrine, and tent.

Oberon is a mysterious character, wandering the city dressed in only a dirty grey robe. He wears a heavy chain around his neck seemingly adorned with charms and talismans of a religious significance. However, if examined, it is apparent that the charms symbolise no known religion.

Oberon also has a shrine in the Helmsberg area of town. It is no more than a pile of stones topped with an old cartwheel. Next to the so-called shrine is a rough tent where Oberon sleeps.

Oberon could easily be mistaken for an extremist ascetic of any of a number of religions, and indeed some locals do occasionally donate to the shrine.

Oberon also holds prayer meetings that attract a few of the down-and-outs of the area. Superficially these meetings appear to be normal and Oberon does indeed have a certain presence and evangelical charisma, even if he does honour an unknown god. If scrutinised, however, it would be pretty clear that the 'priest' is in fact spouting nonsense.

Oberon spends much of his time touring the slum areas of Bergsburg looking for recruits for his faith, at which he very occasionally achieves success.

Adventure Hooks

  • Oberon can be used to help or mislead or just scare your PCs. In the street he will single out one of the PCs and stare into their eyes for a moment, and then as if in a trance he will come out with a seemingly profound and enigmatic statement. If the PCs need some help he can be used to give them a clue. Oberon can be quite scary, especially when his proclamation involves an event that hasn't happened yet, and that the GM makes sure will occur soon.

  • The PC's might decide that they need to find Oberon and use his prescient gifts to their advantage. In which case they shouldn't find him, or he tells them something that is very unhelpful. Oberon works best if he is sprung on the PCs without warning, from time to time, and the PCs have at least some respect for what he might tell them.

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