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Berthold's Illuminations

The finest chandlery in the city, it supplies the Temple of Shallya. The wife of the artisan is a sister of the Shallyan Orphanage.

Brombeer's Cartographia

A curmudgeonly but skilful map maker and trader who has contracts to supply the Prospectors' Guild with maps, and is the official surveyor for the city.

Crystal Clear Glassblowers

An honest glassblower and his apprentice.

Fuller's Cloth


Hunter's Trophy

A hunting goods shop with at least one very interesting exhibit. The proprietor rose from being a common poacher to respected trader in mysterious circumstances.

Praxis Jewels & Glass Crafters

The strange brothers who run this shop produce glass jewellery and decorations of the finest quality. Some of the designs are distinctly exotic, some would say sinister. There are also some interesting exhibits on display.

Ragnar's Goldsmithy

A well respected dwarf craftsman who works mainly with gold. He also offers the service of storing and protecting any goods of high value you might have.

Reisen Wool Trading

A wool trader who used to be an infamous bandit. He has left his past behind and works, now, as an honest merchant.

Stubfoot's Pawn


Wertheim Gold Company

This company has a monopoly, arranged with the Prospectors' Guild, on all the gold that comes out of the Middle Mountains. The prospective heir to the company seems to have gone off the rails recently.

Weissfeuer Smithy

This is a shop with a good tradition in the city. The family connection has all but gone and it is now home to four very different artisans. The dwarf that works there is a source of amusement and bemusement for his community.

Inns & Taverns
Blue Oak Inn

The tavern in which the Blue Oak Company of Mercenaries make their home.

The Dancing Landlord

This tavern has a rowdy nightlife, full of actors, writers, celebrities and hangers on. The clientelle will always be happy to hear a new song and the landlord likes to lead his customers in a good old fashioned Verenenstadt knees up.

The Gold Nugget Inn

A tavern run by a wealthy ex-prospector, with one leg. Watch your step, here, as the bouncers can go about their work with enthusiasm.

The Last Inn

The last sign of civilisation before the Middle Mountains. It is home to assorted failed, failing and hopeful prospectors. If you're feeling decadent they do great hot baths.

The Rat and Shovel

Grimy Helmsberg tavern used as neutral ground by the local gangs. Also a gateway to the dangerous world of pit-fighting.

The Rolling Stones Tavern

This inn is a favourite with merchants and gamblers alike. The merchants stay on the bottom two floors where their needs are catered for in a business like manner. The gamblers go upstairs to see the 'Accountant' and try to win enough to get a seat at 'The Big Game'.

Temples & Shrines
Chapel of Grungni

Dwarven shrine to their god.


An Old Faith monastery in the forest, which can be hard to find. The weather always seems to be pleasant here, and they produce quality honey to sell in Bergsburg.

Shrine of Ranald

A shrine dedicated to the well-being of the city's poor and the comeuppance of its pompous elite. The head cleric moonlights as a decadent fop.

Temple of Shallya's Falls

The jewel in Bergsburg's crown is this temple that straddles the river Drak and affords spectacular views of the falls. Many people think the Shallyans run the whole city.

Temple of Sigmar and St Franz

Named after an ancient martyr and anti-Ulrican fanatic, this temple tries to represent The Empire, so far from Altdorf. The exact incidents of the martyrdom have never been established.

Temple of Ulric

Not always content to play a minor role in a city surrounded by Ulrican countryfolk, the temple has an ancient feud with the Temple of Sigmar which is never far from the surface.

Temple of Verena

The intellectual heart of Hochland with its famous library. The crypt holds a mysterious tome and the High Priest is ailing.

The Verenan Monastery

A well respected centre of learning for the youth of Bergsburg. They will accept the brightest kids, even if they have no money.

Temple of Mórr

One of the city's key institutions, unassuming home of one of the most powerful clerics in the Empire.

Berenbergen’s Pathfinders

Those in need of a scout or guide to help travel through the dangerous mountains and forest that surround Bergsburg often seek advice and assistance from Berenbergen’s Pathfinders.

The Common Assize

The law court for the commoners of Bergsburg. Although the verdicts dispensed here are often heavy or simply obtuse, the Shallyans and Verenans do their best to encourage justice.

Company of the Blue Oak

A small band of casual mercenaries make The Blue Oak Inn their home. If you need anything guarded or just a bit of extra muscle, you could do worse than come here.

Council of Five

Nobody knows what goes on behind the closed doors of the Rathaus when the Council of Five are meeting, not even us, yet (Forthcoming).

Dwarven Engineers Guild

The Bergsburg chapter of the world-renowned Dwarven Engineers Guild, responsible for maintaining the city's defences and various civic constructions.

Hochland Crossing Company

A coach company with routes to Middenheim and Talabheim. They own many inns on the Forest Road and rumours persist that they have some sort of role in the transporting of gold out of the city (Forthcoming).

Innkeepers' Guild

This strict guild regulates the many inns of the city. They also organise the famous 'Pie Week' celebrations.

The Inquisition

The Holy Inquisition of Hochland is dedicated to rooting out heresy and the worship of forbidden gods.

Hofbauer-Bodelstein Trading Company

A ruthlessly ambitious trading company which isn't afraid to bend the rules.

Prospectors' Guild

The guild have a monopoly on all the gold that is found on this side of the Middle Mountains. This has made it very rich, but the guildmaster is still very keen to see that any illicit gold trade is stamped out.

Tiegel Theater

The finest company of players for miles around. Some of the stage effects are magical. The leading lady, Kirsten Schonheit, is the talk of Verenenstadt.

Wizards' Guild

The regulators of magic throughout Hochland, their ramshackle guild hall is the object of much speculation. The guild has worked hard to maintain good relations with the other important institutions of the city.

Bergsburg Municipal Baths

These heated pools are a great place for the well-to-do of the city to mix business with pleasure.

The Kin of the Tower

A secret cult dedicated to the Horned Rat and the destruction of Bergsburg.

Heinrich Witzenber

A watchman, who after many years honest, and thankless, toil for the City Watch, has turned to racketeering to provide for his old age.

Felix Foodwagon

A halfling pedlar with a vicious streak.

The Landberg Building and Family

A powerful but troubled merchant family.

Albrecht Rutiger

A famously unlucky prospector with a change of fortune. Has he finally found the rich seam that his reckless spending would suggest, or is there a more sinister explanation?

Elizabeth Siewieder

An illusionist who works for the Tiegel Theater. Outwardly charming, she is harbouring a dark secret and is wracked by terrible nightmares.

Toryiy Zaililin

A hunter who sells his wares in Trade Town. He belongs to a network of Wood Elf ex-pats. Most of the humans he meets find his manner annoying.

Boris Kaiser

An unfortunate labourer who has turned to petty crime to support his family.

Bernhard Hardtung

A physician who scorns the Physicians' Guild and gives much of his time to the service of Shallya. He has, however, been influenced by a very controversial Estalian medical school and some of his practices and beliefs are dubious, to say the least.

Albert Fikentscher

A charlatan with a wealth of strange, and generally doomed to failure, get rich quick schemes.

Florian Schröder

A quiet tailor who is being blackmailed over a mistake in his past.

Georg Beierle

A stern patriarch and businessman who dominates his section of Beilheim. He donates to the temple, and is a devout Shallyan. However, the quality of mercy can be somewhat strained when it comes to members of his own family.

Thomas Herford

A nightman who has been so long in the business that he no longer knows that he reeks.

Jem Hollyburr

A sick-making celebrity chef.

Oberon Klee

A religious fanatic who holds strange sermons in the street, and claims prophetic visions.

Joschka Barth

Philanthropic newcomer, rarely seen outside his townhouse in Rolandsbrücke

Gretascha Hegen

Shallyan priest who is willing to help anyone. Some say she is simple. Some say she simply has a good heart.

Annette Riedle

An historian who has found a mysterious tome that seems to be affecting her work.

Otto Globus

An Imperial exciseman.

Father Werberung

A widely travelled cleric of Verena who is searching for a way to defeat a mysterious disease, before it defeats him.

Dolhuil Eponmal

An elven minstrel who's actually a secretive Schwarzmantel.

Blue Lines

A patron's mysterious death leads to a beautiful Slaanesh cultist and corruption within the banking system.

House of Games

A gang of confidence tricksters try to pull off a subtle coup.

Kaspar's Gift

A tale about the nature of fantasy.

Piercing the Night

A mad scientist seeks the secret of night-vision, leaving an ugly trail in his wake.

Rise of the Gutter Rat

A short story set in the impoverished area of Helmsberg.

The Schattental Secret


The Tussen-Hochens

Baroness Marta Tussen-Hochen is the ruler of Hochland and her heiress and daughter Simone sits on the Council of Five.

The Schattentals

A once powerful noble family, their estate and the story of their decline.

The White Hound A legendary apparition that haunts the forests of Hochland.
Three Kings Three confidence tricksters who desire to have the entire city under their influence.
Löwentor Bergsburg's western gate on the Middenheim road and a persuasive bawd.
Flaschgang Pass The dwarves who can provide a quick way to Wolfenberg, or sometimes a quick way to die.
Schicksalstor Bergsburg's northeastern gate facing the Middle Mountains and a beggar and an officious guard.
The Hoist A magnificent Dwarven lifting device transporting goods and people between the city and the castle.
von Hochen-Tavello Forthcoming
Kettenschranke The river gate guarding the place where the Drakwasser flows south out off the city.

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