This is a numerical listing of all submissions.

SN Title Author Notes
01 Praxis John Stephenson
02 Last Inn Clive Oldfield & Luke Twigger
03 Prospectors' Guild Pete Thackeray & Luke Twigger
04 Heinrich Witzenber Stewart N Thorpe
05 City Watch Arne Dam
06 Cro-Ach-Liea John Stephenson
07 The Council of Five Various
08 Hunters' Trophy John Stephenson
09 Felix Foodwagon Stewart N Thorpe
10 Temple of Ulric Chris Clements
11 Innkeepers' Guild Aleksander Grocz
12 Temple of Sigmar and Saint Franz Arne Dam
13 Kaspar's Gift Chris Clements
14 Albrecht Rutiger Luke Twigger
15 Hochland Crossing Under construction
16 Gold Nugget Inn Aleksander Grocz
17 Crystal Clear Glassblower Morten Krog
18 The Schattentals Morten Krog
19 Brombeer's Cartographia Pete Thackeray
20 Shrine of Ranald Pete Thackeray
21 Elizabeth Siewieder Pete Thackeray
22 Temple of Shallya Ralph Kruhm & Clive Oldfield
23 Tiegel Theater Simon Beckford
24 Schattental Secret Morten Krog Postponed
25 Toryiy Zaililin Stewart N Thorpe
26 Boris Kaiser Stewart N Thorpe
27 Stubfoot's Instant Pawn Stewart N Thorpe Postponed
28 Bernhard Hardtung Leif Ulrich Schrader
29 Albert Fikentscher Leif Ulrich Schrader
30 Florian Schröder Leif Ulrich Schrader
31 Georg Beierle Leif Ulrich Schrader
32 Fuller's Cloth Dave Reed Nearly finished
33 White Hound Borja Sierra
34 Thomas Herford Leif Ulrich Schrader
35 Piercing the Night Luke Twigger
36 Jem Hollyburr Simon Beckford
37 Weissfeuer Smithy Clive Oldfield
38 Rolling Stones Tavern Clive Oldfield
39 Oberon Klee Clive Oldfield
40 Joschka Barth Clive Oldfield
41 White Hound Templars Clive Oldfield Postponed
42 Company of the Blue Oak Peter Long
43 Gretascha Hegen Clive Oldfield
44 Dancing Landlord Andrew Kenrick
45 Temple of Verena Joe Coltman
46 Berthold's Illuminations Aleksander Ljubenoviæ
47 Three Kings Clive Oldfield
48 Reisen Wool Traders Joe Coltman
49 Ragnar's Goldsmiths Joe Coltman
50 Wertheim and Sohnen Clive Oldfield
51 Blue Lines Clive Oldfield
52 The Inquisition Clive Oldfield
53 Verenan Monastery Arne Dam
54 Löwentor Simon Beckford
55 House of Games Clive Oldfield
56 Annette Riedle Clive Oldfield
57 Flaschgang Pass Clive Oldfield
58 Otto Globus Joe Coltman
59 Schicksalstor Arne Dam & Clive Oldfield
60 Von Hochen-Tavello Joe Coltman Under construction
61 The Common Assize Leif Ulrich Schrader
62 Wizards' Guild Steven Forster
63 Father Werberung Andrew Kenrick
64 Kettenschranke Simon Beckford
65 The Blue Oak Inn Peter Long
66 Dolhuil Eponmal Peter Long In progress
67 Dwarven Engineers Guild Alfred Nuñez Jr
68 Chapel of Grungni Alfred Nuñez Jr
69 The Hoist Simon Beckford
70 The Tussen-Hochens Steven Forster & Arne Dam
71 Skaven Observatory Thomas Bloom
72 Temple of Mórr John Bailey
73 The Rat and Shovel Peter Johnston
74 The Rise of the Gutter Rat Chris Holden
75 Berenbergen’s Pathfinders Joe Coltman
76 Hofbauer-Bodelstein Trading Company John Foody
77 The Landberg Building and Family John Foody
78 Bergsburg Municipal Baths M D Mann
79 The Kin of the Tower Simon Beckford
80 Ludentor Clive Oldfield
83 Shrine of Handerich M.D.Mann
84 Salzen Mines M.D.Mann
85 'Lord' Ludwig Bildmayer Edgar Hulton

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