Middenheim is second only to Altdorf in importance (and size) in the Empire. The City of the White Wolf, as it is also known, is the capital of magical knowledge in the Old World and possesses the finest guilds of magical lore. Middenheim is also the capital of the Cult of Ulric just as Altdorf is the capital of the Cult of Sigmar.

Middenheim is sited upon a great plateau of rock called the Fauschlag or 'Fist Strike' which, as legend has it, Ulric himself fashioned. It is said that his brother, Taal, gave the rock to him as a gift and Ulric foresaw that a great fortresscity would grow on its plateau. And he was right. It was Artur (see below), the great chief of the mighty Teutognens, who brought his tribe to the pinnacle and founded the city.

Middenheim city-state is governed by Graf Boris Todbringer, though it is the three Law Lords who carry out most of the laws. The Todbringer dynasty has governed Middenheim for centuries and is regarded as fair and just (the family are distant relatives of the von Bilthofens, and one of them, Gunthar von Bilthofen, was the brother of Emperor Magnus the Pious). In fact Middenheim is quite a liberal place for an Imperial city. The Todbringers have for many years tried to listen to the people when making and enforcing laws and have even developed a semi-democratic rule. Graf Boris and his family maintain close ties with Kislev.

Roots: It was the Teutognens who settled on the Fauschlag. They were a mighty tribe whose warriors were feared throughout the Old World; the warriors even claimed some kind of ancestry with Ulric with himself. As a result they weren't great settlers and had very little knowledge of agriculture. They were essentially warriors and hunters. They put great pride in their ability to hunt, and not just the elk or buffalo, Trolls and Giants were hunted, not only for meat and tough leathers but for trophies and the inevitable statement of prowess in combat.

Historical Notes: In 1152 IC the province of Middenland was annexed by Middenheim and the City State's Graf, Erich, then took the title of Grand Duke of Middenland, taking two electoral votes in the process! In 1550 IC Middenheim warred with Talabheim, signalling Middenland's independence, as the Middenlanders renounced Middenheim's rule and retook Carroburg; Middenheim was too depleted to stop them. In 1812 IC Middenlanders lay siege to Middenheim but are thwarted in their attempts by the defenders and stubborn Dwarven aid; the Undercity becomes sealed. In 2302 IC during the Incursions of Chaos, Magnus the Pious humiliated the High Priest of Ulric by stepping into the Sacred Flame of Ulric's Temple. The priest tried to brand Magnus a heretic and a fraud, but he emerged from the fire unscathed, revealing that he was the Empire's saviour in its hour of need. Such was the impact of Magnus on Middenheim that they name the year 2302 as the 'Year of Shaming'.

Regional Saints and Heroes: Artur, the Chief of the Teutognens and founder of Middenheim, is heralded as a saint. His statue lies in the grounds of Graf Boris's palace, revealing how much the Graf treasures the Teutognen chief's memory. Artur made friends with the Dwarfs, who were themselves forced out of their homes in the Middle Mountains, and together they built the great city. Artur's end finally came when he was bested in single-combat by Sigmar. Artur's son, Wulcan, is also held in high esteem. It is said that he beheld a vision from Ulric and the god smote the rock with the butt of Blitzbeil (Ulric's axe) and a fountain of fire burst forth. This fire was where the great temple of Ulric was built and where the fire still burns to this day (the fire that Magnus the Pious passed through unharmed.)

Military Colours: Blue and white.

Settlement Name Size Pop Wealth Source of Wealth Garrison/Militia Notes
MIDDENHEIM CS 13,224 5 Trade, 'Services', Govt. 50a/150b/700c  
Arenberg V 44 1 Subsistence -  
Elsterweld V 118 3 Timber, Foodstuffs 4b/6c  
Grevenfeld V 58 2 Timber, Goats - Control disputed with Hochland
Holzbeck V 31 1 Subsistence -  
Hunxe V 77 2 Agriculture -  
Immelscheld V 90 2 Timber, Slate 6b/10c  
Jagerhausen V 75 3 Agriculture, Herbs -/8c Control disputed with Middenland
Lindenheim V 93 3 Iron, Lead 10b/30c  
Norderingen V 0 0 - - Wiped out by Green Brainpox
Schoninghagen V 171 3 Timber, Trade 5b/8c Control disputed by Middenland
Warrenburg V 232 1 Thieving, Scrounging - Shanty town at foot of Fauschlag


Middenheimers maintain a certain mistrust of Middenlanders because of the wars between the two in the past and some even have a dislike for Talabheimers because of deeds perpetrated during the Age of Three Emperors. These kinds of antipathies flourish today centuries later because of Middenheim's relative isolation on the Rock and its fortress mentality. To this day troops from Middenheim clash with those from Middenland who stray too close to the disputed villages of Jagerhausen and Schoninghagen. Skirmishes such as this aren't common however. There have also been some clashes at the village of Grevenfield, whose 'ownership' is being disputed with Hochland.

True Middenheimers, it is said, claim Teutognen ancestry and wear bushy beards and have skulls that could knock down a castle wall. They are proud men, who like the Teutognens, spurn shields and helmets preferring instead to use axes or swords; they rarely wash too. It is said that Marshal Maximillian von Genscher has Teutognen blood flowing through his veins.

Adventurers from Middenheim city-state will always maintain a rivalry with those from Altdorf, especially when religion is involved, notably between the devout followers of Ulric and Sigmar.

Middenheim is famous, some say notorious, for its Snotball hooligans, any Middenheimer is in danger of being labelled a 'hooligan' as a result. Real hooligans enjoy this unwholesome reputation.

Although the Marine and Seaman careers are closed to Middenheimers, Humans and even Halflings are able to follow a career in tunnel fighting. As Middenheim has a comprehensive sewage system there are not enough Dwarfs to solely comprise all of the tunnel fighter units. With this in mind any Human or Halfling who wishes to, and is handy in a fight, can become a Tunnel Fighter.

There is also a much greater chance of finding wizardly tutors in Middenheim, as it is the magical capital of the Old World. However, Dwarfs will prefer the study of Alchemy and their chances of becoming true Alchemists are greatly increased in Middenheim.


Human Elf Dwarf Halfling Career
01-10 01-10 01-15 01-10 Bodyguard
11-20 - 16-20 11-15 Labourer
- - - - Marine
21-35 11-40 21-40 - Mercenary
36-40 41-45 41-45 16-30 Militiaman
41-45 46-50 46-50 31-35 Noble
46-50 51-65 51-55 36-45 Outlaw
51-60 - 56-65 - Pit Fighter
61-65 66-70 66-70 - Protagonist
- - - - Seaman
66-75 71-75 71-75 46-60 Servant
76-85 76-85 76-80 61-70 Soldier
86-90 86-95 81-85 71-80 Squire
- - 86-89 - Troll Slayer
91-95 - 90-98 81-85 Tunnel Fighter
96-00 96-00 99-00 86-00 Watchman


Human Elf Dwarf Halfling Career
- - - - Boatman
01-10 01-20 01-10 - Bounty Hunter
11-20 21-25 11-15 01-05 Coachman
21-30 - - 06-10 Farmer
- - - - Fisherman
31-35 26-45 16-20 21-30 Gamekeeper
36-40 46-55 - 31-40 Herdsman
41-50 56-70 21-25 41-55 Hunter
51-55 71-75 26-30 56-65 Muleskinner
56-60 76-80 - - Outrider
- - - - Pilot
61-70 - 31-55 - Prospector
71-75 - 56-60 66-70 Rat Catcher
76-85 81-85 61-65 71-75 Roadwarden
- - 66-80 - Runner
- - - - Toll-Keeper
86-90 86-95 81-00 76-90 Trapper
91-00 96-00 - 91-00 Woodsman


Human Elf Dwarf Halfling Career
01-10 01-05 - 01-10 Agitator
11-20 06-10 01-05 11-15 Bawd
21-30 - 06-10 16-20 Beggar
31-40 11-30 11-15 21-30 Entertainer
41-50 31-35 16-20 31-35 Footpad
51-55 36-45 21-25 36-50 Gambler
56-60 - 26-35 51-55 Grave Robber
61-65 - 36-45 - Jailer
- 46-60 - - Minstrel
66-70 61-65 46-50 56-60 Pedlar
71-75 66-75 51-55 61-70 Raconteur
76-78 - 56-60 71-75 Rustler
79-85 76-90 61-75 76-80 Smuggler
86-95 91-00 76-85 81-95 Thief
96-00 - 86-00 96-00 Tomb Robber


Human Elf Dwarf Halfling Career
01-15 01-10 01-15 01-10 Alchemist's Apprentice
16-25 11-15 16-25 11-25 Artisan's Apprentice
26-28 - - - Druid
- - 26-40 - Engineer
29-35 - 41-45 26-30 Exciseman
36-41 16-30 - 31-45 Herbalist
42-46 31-35 - 46-50 Hypnotist
47-56 36-40 46-55 51-55 Initiate
57-62 41-45 56-60 56-60 Pharmacist
63-68 46-50 61-65 61-65 Physician's Student
69-73 51-55 66-70 66-70 Scribe
74-75 56-60 71-75 71-75 Seer
76-80 61-65 76-80 76-80 Student
81-85 66-75 81-97 81-95 Trader
86-00 76-00 98-00 96-00 Wizard's Apprentice