The Grand County of Stirland

The Grand County of Stirland lies in the middle of The Empire with the Reikland to the west, Talabecland to the north, Ostermark and Sylvania (which is attached to Stirland) to the east and Averland to the south. The county is governed by Graf Alberich Haupt-Anderssen from the town of Wurtbad, which is located on the southern banks of the River Stir, and some would say that at the tender age of sixteen he is in no fit state to be the ruler of Stirland, let alone an Elector! Though no-one will ever say this in the lad's presence. Not far from Wurtbad lies the College of Earth, built into the side of an east-facing hill in order to catch the dawn light. Cultivated fields surround the college, which provide its inhabitants with food.

The staunch Sigmarite Graf Alberich has an intense dislike for Ulricans, and all positions in his government are filled by people of the Sigmarite faith. When he came to power after his father's death, which he maintains was due to an Ulrican assassination plot, he had all Ulricans (few though they were on the advice of Bardin, see below) turfed out of office and replaced by his own sycophants. But there has always been antipathy towards Ulricans in Stirland and Stirlanders dislike Talabeclanders even more; an ancient antipathy from the Age of Three Emperors (see below.)

Graf Alberich's antipathies are not helped by his chief adviser Bardin Hergare. He is a Sigmarite priest with traditional views, hence his Dwarf-sounding name, and he has been feeding Alberich's young and impressionable mind with visions of a "pure" Stirland state. Bardin has whispered in his ear many times that Sigmar hates mutants and that Halflings are little more than them and should not be allowed to settle on the site of one of Sigmar's most famous battles on the eastern plains of Stirland. Bardin has also recommended that the Ulric-worshipping Stirlanders near the border of Talabecland should be "re-housed" and Sigmarite families be allowed to settle in their stead. All this Alberich has listened to. He has always resented the Halfings of the Moot and the land that they occupy and he has always disliked Ulricans and Talabeclanders. It is just a matter of time before Bardin convinces the young Graf to put his words into actions. But proving Bardin to be a "robber baron" would be almost impossible considering his position in the Church of Sigmar; he is very highly thought of in the Church of Sigmar and is in the running to be an Arch Lector.

Roots: A mixture of Unberogen, Talabec and Fennone stock, although Stirland scholars always emphasise that Stirlanders are of healthy Sigmarite Unberogen blood.

Historical Notes: One of the great battles of Sigmar's time was fought on Stirland soil. It was the first time that all of the human tribes of the Empire fought together and defeated a huge goblinoid army. Relics from that battle are still being found today.

In 1000 Ludwig the Fat issued a royal charter that gave the Halflings a portion of Stirland: the Moot. The Halflings were also granted administrative autonomy and an Imperial vote; the Halfling Elder is counted as an Elector Count.

When in 1152 the Electoral Council ended in a stalemate, the Grand Duke of Talabecland raised an army and waged war on Stirland. This heralded the Age of Wars and The Empire was torn apart by civil war for two-hundred years.

In 1359 the Grand Count of Stirland was elected Emperor in Nuln. As a result the Grand Duchess of Talabecland declared herself Empress without election in Talabheim. The elected Emperor was about to wage war on Talabheim but was himself invaded by Middenland.

In 2145 the Battle of Hel Fenn saw the end of the Age of Vampires and according to the chronicles of the time it was Count Martin of Stirland who cut down the Vampire Lord Mannfred von Carstein. The Count then claimed Sylvania for Stirland. No-one argued with him as no-one wanted the accursed land.

Regional Saints and Heroes: Sigmar Heldenhammer and Count Martin. Although Sigmar is the patron deity of the Empire he is particularly revered by Stirlanders. Count Martin is hailed as a hero and embodies the bravery and fighting spirit of Stirlanders as displayed in the war against the Vampires of Sylvania. Graf Alberich's chief adviser Bardin has been trying to use his influence to get the Count canonised by the Church of Sigmar but as yet with no success, at least for the moment.

Military Colours: Green and yellow.

Settlement Name Size Ruler Pop Wealth Source of Wealth Garrison/Militia Notes
WURTBAD T Graf Alberich Haupt-Anderssen  4,176 3 Trade, 'Services', Govt. 50b/500c Capital of Stirland
Krugenheim ST Graf Alberich 788 3 Fishing 100c  
College of Earth V* Waltraud Kauffmann 66 4 Agriculture, Magic - SeeRealms of Sorcery

*Not strictly a village but it covers a wide enough area to be classed as one.


Stirlanders do not like Talabeclanders and those who follow Sigmar (the principle religion of Stirland) also don't like Ulricans. Where in other Sigmar-dominated places, such as Altdorf and Wolfenburg, Ulricans are largely unmolested, this is not the case in Stirland where discrimination against Ulricans is open and even encouraged. Ulrican Stirlanders live close to the border with Talabecland and they are often at the forefront of harsh treatment from the Graf's tax collectors.

Adventurers from Stirland will mirror the above concerns: a dislike for Ulricans and Talabeclanders; although this does not have to be the case. Initiates will most likely follow Sigmar but have a less chance to follow Ulric and any of the deity's relations, such as Taal (he is, however, popular as the aspect of Karog, god of the rivers) and Rhya. There are good relations with Morr, Verena and Myrmidia, especially as the southern warrior goddess regards Ulric in a less than complementary light.


Human Elf Dwarf Halfling Career
01-15 01-10 01-15 01-10 Bodyguard
16-20 - 16-20 11-15 Labourer
- - - - Marine
21-40 11-40 21-45 - Mercenary
41-50 41-50 46-50 16-40 Militiaman
51-55 51-55 51-55 41-45 Noble
56-65 56-65 56-60 46-55 Outlaw
66-70 - 61-65 - Pit Fighter
71-75 66-70 66-70 - Protagonist
- - - - Seaman
76-84 71-75 - 56-72 Servant
85-91 76-90 71-80 73-85 Soldier
92-95 91-95 - - Squire
- - 81-90 - Troll Slayer
- - 91-98 - Tunnel Fighter
96-00 96-00 99-00 86-00 Watchman


Human Elf Dwarf Halfling Career
01-05 01-05 - - Boatman
06-15 06-15 06-15 - Bounty Hunter
16-25 16-20 16-20 06-10 Coachman
26-30 - - 11-20 Farmer
31-35 21-25 - 21-25 Fisherman
36-45 26-45 21-25 26-35 Gamekeeper
46-55 46-55 - 36-45 Herdsman
56-65 56-70 26-30 46-55 Hunter
66-70 71-75 31-35 56-65 Muleskinner
71-75 76-80 - - Outrider
76 - - - Pilot
77-80 - 36-65 66-70 Prospector
- - - - Rat Catcher
81-85 - 66-70 71-75 Roadwarden
- - 71-80 - Runner
86-90 - 81-85 76-80 Toll-Keeper
91-95 81-95 86-00 81-95 Trapper
96-00 96-00 - 96-00 Woodsman


Human Elf Dwarf Halfling Career
01-05 - - 01-10 Agitator
06-10 - 01-05 11-15 Bawd
11-15 - 06-10 16-20 Beggar
16-20 01-15 11-15 21-30 Entertainer
21-25 16-20 16-20 31-35 Footpad
26-35 21-30 21-25 36-50 Gambler
36-40 - 26-35 51-55 Grave Robber
41-45 - 36-40 - Jailer
- 31-50 - - Minstrel
46-55 51-60 41-50 56-60 Pedlar
56-60 61-70 51-55 61-70 Raconteur
61-75 71-80 56-65 71-75 Rustler
76-80 81-94 66-75 76-80 Smuggler
81-90 - 76-80 81-95 Thief
91-00 95-00 81-00 96-00 Tomb Robber


Human Elf Dwarf Halfling Career
01-05 01-05 01-10 01-10 Alchemist's Apprentice
06-15 11-15 11-25 11-25 Artisan's Apprentice
16-25 - - - Druid
- - 26-35 - Engineer
26-30 - 36-40 26-30 Exciseman
31-45 16-40 41-45 31-50 Herbalist
46-50 41-45 - - Hypnotist
51-55 46-50 46-55 51-55 Initiate
56-60 51-60 56-60 56-60 Pharmacist
61-65 61-65 61-65 61-65 Physician's Student
66-70 66-70 66-70 66-70 Scribe
71-75 71-75 71-75 71-75 Seer
76-80 76-80 76-80 76-80 Student
81-97 81-90 81-98 81-98 Trader
98-00 91-00 99-00 99-00 Wizard's Apprentice